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Friday, March 29, 2013


i was gonna participate in the usual friday fill-ins (which i do like to do!!- if you have not participated, you should give it a try), but,....when i got home from dropping off our daughter at her driving hour this morning....i spied from the end of the driveway a large envelope sticking out of our mailbox. look at the colors- my favorite!!

a large mailing envelope, painted, stamped and delivered with my name on it! i had dreamed about getting one of this artist's envelopes or file you know Roben-Marie? she is a totally amazing artist! i love her sense of style and her creative inspiration that she always seems to be providing to me.

i feel so blessed because my package that arrived held rubber stamps! not those cutesy teddy bear or kitty cat these are mixed media essentials! doodles of the coolest sort! Roben-Marie asked if i would create stuff using these stamps- well YES! all i have to do is make interesting arty stuff with new stamps?! i am so totally in! and perfect is friday, and i am off of work- what a perfect creative storm!

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