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Friday, July 6, 2012


i started with wire for the armature to hold my paper. i used two different types- a light gauge and something heavier to be the main support.
i wanted to use tissue paper for the outside of my "teapot." i used white paper that i painted with watercolor. if you do this, move quickly and gently with the paint to your paper, as the tissue paper can be delicate. let this dry before applying to your armature.

i used a 50/50 mix of matte medium and water to stick and apply my tissue paper. you have to be a little careful, as the tissue paper can be delicate to apply, but, not too bad. you could use modge podge if you don't have any matte medium. i also used some glimmer mist to add a little glitz.

here is my is drying. same process...wire up your support and paper.

here is my finished teapot all ready to go to the tea party show. it looks a little like the teapot that jack built (heehee...) oh, well, i am never perfect and this wasn't suppose to be either. i like the quirky shape and handle.

my spout is not necessarily 3 dimensional, but, i decided that was ok too. that part is almost translucent- i couldn't get a good pic of that though. anyway- hope you enjoyed the teapot! do you have a teapot, teacup, or something related to tea? share a link in the comments and join this tea movement!

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  1. Kristin what a cute piece of art. I can see a little girl having a lot if fun with it :-)


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