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Friday, July 13, 2012

figure drawing- 1st attempt

i am lucky enough to live close to a larger city with universities...ones with great art departments. my mom and a few friends have been going to this drawing time for quite a while, and i had been wanting to give it a try. it finally worked out last night. drawing is not necessarily my strongest suit, but, i would like to change that. this group normally meets on thursday evenings and rotates models between male and female. i was using a sketch and wash pencil to do my initial drawing. then, it blends nicely with a little water.

here we were getting more into the drawing after the warm ups....i only showed you a couple of my first ones because i have not done figure drawing before and he would only hold the pose for about 8 minutes....i was barely getting anything down! this one was a little better- although, i purposely cut off the bottom of the drawing. his legs and the bench that he was sitting on got a little weird. i did use my white soft oil pastel to sketch my initial outside shape and then, went back in with the sketch and wash and india ink.

this was my favorite drawing. our model sat in this pose for the last hour. after my previous drawing above, i decided i was not going to tackle the legs and bench again- so i only drew his upper half. i used a hot pink soft oil pastel to sketch the outside initial shape. i filled in some shadow with a sketch and wash pencil and then broke out my india ink; and finished up going back in with a black and white soft oil pastel.

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