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Monday, July 16, 2012


i wish i had a window into life. i am feeling slightly out of focus and wanting some change. and maybe all that is needed is to remove the clutter. we cleaned and reorganized the spot just outside of my studio, and what a difference it made. i can actually get to all of my canvas. crazy....i am in need of clarity. less stuff. i have a fair amount of stuff that i have collected from auctions (and good stuff i might add :)). i am debating on how to get rid of some of this. should i consider another etsy store- one with just vintage items? is there someone out there that does this? i am just unsure. part of me just wants it gone- and the good will trailer will be here in a week. or, i don't need a fortune for my items, but, i am not sure on the shipping and listings. any advice?


  1. Kristin, sometimes we have to start outside to find clarity in ourselves. I find that when I clean and rid myself of clutter, like you, I feel I can see things better. We can bring change about ourselves...

  2. Found your blog and I love it here. Your art is so great. I love your first attempt at figure drawing...incredible. I'm so very inspired by your blog.


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