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Saturday, July 28, 2012

new collage pages in my art journal

i have to tell you a little story....see that shiny green/ gold piece with the wonderful pattern with the little pull tab? well, i was shopping and always looking for interesting napkins or kleenex, and spotted those at a checkout. i was so excited to see the pattern, and thinking that the pattern was ON the kleenex. well, let me tell you what, i opened it to use my wonderful new kleenex to discover, the pattern was ONLY on the packaging! what the heck?! so now i have loose kleenex in my studio because i have used the plastic wrap for art.

i bought the cute colored folder tabs at our little variety store that will be closing and matched it up with my tea wrapper and part of a recipe for a coffee cake. not to worry...i  didn't use my gramma's recipe card. i managed to score a vintage box of recipes at an auction, so that i when i want to use something like that for something arty, i don't have to feel bad about tearing or destroying the recipe.

this is a top view. the page on the left was a skinny page so you can see some of the other pages done previously. you can easily see my kleenex wrapper with the tab now.

i decided to break out the embossing powder- a lovely shade of green....some stamping, a paint chip, a little watercolor background, and poof!

some scraps on my counter....

this was a beginning of a landscape, that will now be something mixed media; and i thought needed the sticker through it....what are you gonna do?!

oh, here is a sneak peek at my newest "doll" for a lack of a better word. the spring is a little too long and the head was wobbly- so i had to hold it. :) and i need to find some arms.

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  1. Great creations Kristin, and I am sorry you were fooled by Kleenex. It's happened to me before :P


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