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Sunday, July 22, 2012

junkin' at the flea market

got up early yesterday to drive to this little bitty town in SD- population 81, but, seriously trying to get their flea market going. when i go to flea markets though, i want flea market deals, and the stuff in the background here although interesting- more like antique dealer pricing...i was bumming just a bit...

however, there was an old farmer gentleman who had come late and had by far the most interesting stuff (in my eyes) with great rusty patina. check out this studebaker tail light.

loved this light...i did buy 2 items from this farmer- a vintage hood ornament (for $2 :) and some rusty large gear thing (which was totally cool- especially at $3.)

oh- i did also score these 2 way cool green glass jars. when i saw the vintage label, i think i almost hurt my arm grabbing it out of the $3 box....

and check out the texture on the jar and the perfectly rusty lid- these also were such a score. totally worth the trip to this little bitty town!! are there good flea market by you? would love to hear where the good one are!

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  1. the jars are beautiful, but your purchase of a "some rusty large gear thing" is just priceless.


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