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Monday, October 31, 2016

class {weekend}

so this past weekend i was the pupil. and what a treat! we made stamps and tinted papers on friday. above is one of the stamps i made.

and i am just gonna it!

then, on saturday we made papers. and made papers. papers.

did i tell you that we made papers?!....oh- cuz we made papers. i came home with a stack of papers that i cannot wait to use. (in fact, i think i feel a cold coming on....maybe i better stay home....)

so above and below are a portion of my papers i made.

and the studio space we worked in........aaaaahmazing! it is filled with her art and these totally adorable little gardens.

there is just cool stuff there.....fabulous art to look at, lovely plants, interesting and colorful mixed yarn blankets, a pile of art books and this wonderful pillow below, and windows to die for.

simply said, a wonderful space to create.

below was our instructor Jennifer Stone. 

she is the best. great demos and explanations and plenty of help while you are working to keep you on track and be successful!

thank you Jennifer for the best weekend!

xo. kristin


  1. You are so fun to work with! Your creativity explodes and is beyond awesome, so I'm always inspired! Thanks for coming to my workshop!

  2. Oh man, I sure wish I was there! Looks like a good creative time!


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