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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

file folder tag {repurposed}

i love re-purposing old used file folders. 

and no- i am not talking about whiting out the tab with the name of the file to update it to whatever else you are going to put into the file and forget about..... i am talking about painting them and cutting the file up for tags. 

i gesso'd the file to begin with; not perfectly and not completely to all of the edges. just in general. then, i grabbed a oil pastel. one color i had not used before. trying to step out of my comfort zone..... 

it was a bit of an olive green and i remember thinking....oh shit. what color is going to go with that?!

 so i of course quickly retreated back to the comfort zone and grabbed the seafoam green/ blue that i almost always use. and immediately felt better. 

i spied a grey along the edge of the counter and really liked that on the file as well. i was liking what i had but it needed a pop of color and the orange spray ink and a stencil was just the ticket.

a little more scribble with the pencil, some payne's grey and i am good to go. 

this tag is actually an edge and the really good stuff of course fell into the middle; but, i added a doodle of soft pastel in a light seafoam green and really liked the long unusual shape and the colors. 

added this original tag in with my latest art doll sale as a thank you note.


xo. kristin

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