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Saturday, October 29, 2016

class-time {pupil}

there is something about packing up your art supplies preparing to go to class isn't there?! is hard though, because don't you just want to pack everything? i take my favorites and undoubtedly think, oh, i what i need is this- 

and that is for sure back at the studio. and there you are..... 

but, for the sake of the positive side, it forces you to sometimes try other options that you may not have otherwise chosen. and thus, pushing you outside of your comfort zone; forcing you to learn.

and grow as an artist.

this class i am taking is about making stamps and creating papers. 

the stamps above are the instructor's stamps- and they are wonderful!! she said that we could borrow anything to use, but, one stamp says if you don't return you will die. 

not sure i want to tempt fate, but.......i am just saying...maybe she wouldn't miss just one. 

cannot wait to see what we are going to do today.....

happy saturday. 

xo. kristin


  1. Thanks for the early morning smile. :)))
    From: the teacher! hehehe

  2. Jennifer Stone WILL miss it, Kristin. :) I wouldn't test fate! Wish I were there with you girls. Always a blast in Jen's studio!


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