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Monday, April 13, 2015

girls {collaged}

i have been patiently waiting for these girls to arrive to the designated locations before posting because i did not want to spoil any surprises for the recipients. and this weekend i was able to see that the girls had arrived.

so excited to be able to show you these collaged girls.....take a peek.

each girl has wings- with the first pic i did a transfer technique to transfer her wings and then went back into the wings with a pen to add some additional details and a little color; the other wing i used scrapbook paper and cut out my shape.

the girl images are from my vintage 1956 catalog. i did not use the original, but, made a copy and used that in my collaged pieces.

our theme was supposed to be collage...i did have to sneak some paint and stamping into each; but, was really pleased with my selections of collage papers i used for each one. here is each page....

happy monday!

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