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Monday, April 6, 2015

art journal- warm up

i did find just a few moments on saturday in the studio this past weekend, even with the holiday. i love walking into my space to find my paint brushes and pens and pencils all lined up waiting for me.

i worked in an art journal to get warmed up and then, on a couple things that were due. i had gotten a new turquoise paint that i am really loving.....

for this journal page, i used a little acrylic paint and my spray inks and of course, stencils.

i had gesso'd the pages before i began and i love the variation of the paint and inks when it sits on the gesso and then finds just paper. if you have not experimented with this- you should really play in a journal with gesso and how it affects your work and the products that you use.

happy monday!

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