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Thursday, April 30, 2015

staying focused....

as april is winding down i find myself having a somewhat difficult time staying focused. our daughter is a senior and will graduate, so our to-do list is big {okay let's just say huge}....... the small easy things are getting done, but, some are big and much more time consuming to get done like putting in a fire pit patio and cleaning out the garage. there are some moments of clarity in all of this and i find that i have to grab those quickly and hold on.

and, not to mention that constant pull to the studio....the weekends for sure, are usually time for me to spend creating. and not that i have not been creating....i have been working on our daughter's graduation cards; but sometimes i become overwhelmed with an idea and must start something else....pulling me away from the cards i need to finish. the pictures today are my newest painting- which came as an overwhelming must-get-this-onto-canvas now.......and i love it. the messages and words written and the fine, quirky details.

will need to stay focused and find vigilant clarity for this next month as i don't want to miss any details so they can be enjoyed.


  1. I like your creative ART Blog!
    All the best in your busy life = )

  2. Boy do I remember this. I guess because at the time I was doing no art at all and I missed it but It passes so fast. I love my baby and her friends of which she has many of the same ones. Now she is 33 and has a 10 year old. I have loved every tear filled, happy, whirlwind, drama filled year. What a journey eh?


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