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Monday, April 27, 2015

grad invites & prom 2015

it is quickly becoming that time of the year for seniors to graduate and of course, their graduation parties. our party is planned for memorial day weekend- so i need to get our paper invites out (already posted to FB for the kids).

 i worked yesterday afternoon until i ran out of spray fingers are not normally hot pink. this pink is really hardy and very stubborn at coming off. still a little pink this morning.

stacking up my cards as i work through my process......

here is where the pink fingers came into the picture as i was holding the stencil for this step.

my next step will be the "tk" circles....

this is my sample for this year......

and, we had prom this past weekend - i just have to share a few is TK with her date.

some of her best friends and a little leg....

this was the whole group...

and this is 3/4 of our girls 4x2 relay- these three are all seniors and have been running together since their 9th grade will be a sad day when our track season is done- these girls have been such good leaders for the younger girls.

hope your weekend was a fun.....what did you do?

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  1. prom ~ what great fun...oh, and I love the pink hands from great art. Aloha


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