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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

school projects

our senior needed a map for his research to the rescue! i had a vintage book that i ripped a page out of and roughly sketched south dakota on to. (thought i should tell you which state i sketched...)

the date on the page was oct 4, 1904. on the scoring for his project, the teacher wrote, "very cool- i love the old paper!" good thing his mom is an artist with a passion for vintage items!

this was the wedding invite that i made to go along with this project....simple.
this is the quote book that i helped our daughter make....i cannot wait for school project to be done! thank goodness this is the last week....i used ripped out book pages to bind the quotes for certain topics and stitched them together.

my quote...totally true! thank goodness i am an artist and relatively crafty! our kids have been very thankful for their mom this past week.

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