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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

birthday card

in between making things for the grad party and track meets, i did manage to make my wonderful husband a birthday card.

if you look close, the book page that is the main portion of the card is from the vintage chemistry book. i plan on using that whole book! ;) my husband is always saying, "it's good to be the king." love this stamp for this kind of stuff.

inside of the card...i like the way the india ink bled through the book paper. the book paper was a little flimsy though, so i added another page out of a journal to write our wishes on- this added a little strength and sturdiness; and i left the ripped edge from the notebook- you can see that edge above. this added a nice textural element.

happy birthday sweetie!

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  1. Again, LOVE the birthday card. I am always so miffed that people can put these beautiful collages together...


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