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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

how my garden is growing

my flowers started with five 4 inch circles from a vintage chemistry book.  i cut out 30 flowers.

i rubbed each circle on an ink pad. i used a bunch of different, purple, blue, green....

once the circles were inked, i picked out a vintage button for the center and punched holes in the paper to attach.

i used a small, 32 gauge wire to attach my button centers twisting the wire together in the back to make sure the button was secure.

this is my pile of flower in waiting....

once the button was attached, i scrunched the paper into a little bundle around the button, and then, peeled back the paper to leave some wrinkles in the paper to make the pedals. i attached a larger, stronger wire for the stem using a 18 gauge. these flowers will be part of my centerpieces for the graduation party.

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