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Sunday, May 13, 2012

grad party favors

i and a troop of friends have been saving toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls for me so i could make my son's graduations party favors. on friday, we did a little "sweat shop" and started the project. we measured the rolls out to about 2 inches and cut.

after cutting, the short rolls came for glue and paper. i used a vintage chemistry book paper- it worked great. just the right weight paper.

it was easier to put the roll on your fingers and use your other hand to smear the glue all the way around the tube.

once glued, the book pages were the exact width we wanted so we just ripped out of the book and rolled the now glued rolls onto the book paper.
we left enough overlap of book paper to easily glue the flap.

held for just a moment.....

and poof.....pile of paper rolls!! my plan is to stuff them with M&Ms and tie each end with the curling ribbon. i will show later when we are closer to the party. i didn't want to fill with chocolate too soon.

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