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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

wooden cradle {rewritten}

have you ever painted on a wooden cradle? ooooh, i do love fact, it is almost to the point that i only want to paint on cradles instead of canvas or paper.....

i think some of my reasoning is the way i paint. i tend to paint wet, and i like layers- both of which hold up really well on the wooden cradle. the other thing, is i like to "peel" back through some of those layers and sand back through to the wood- to provide a worn, and loved feel.

this painting is just as much about what it is on, as what was written. sometimes don't you just feel like you need to write whatever that is down and get it out of your head? the cradle is only a 6" x 6" so when i was writing, i found that i quickly reached the, i simply erased writing back over the top of what i had just written.

i really like how some of the words written in pencil can be seen more clearly and other words not; allowing you to see some of my message, but not the whole thing....allowing you to fill in the blanks- make you wonder about what else was written.

here is the final piece.....

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