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Saturday, March 14, 2015

altered book

i have been at an altered book class the past two days. the class was taught by a long-time good friend of mine- Jennifer Stone...who is incredibly talented....and in her A-mazing studio space!

this is the cover of my book below. (we had to try and choose a cardboard book from her vast collection of fun shapes and sizes.)

i had such a fantastic time on thursday gluing, doodling, and painting- that i spent the night and took the class again on friday! the class was really for anyone at any level and Jennifer did just a wonderful job explaining the process and answering questions as she went and helping anyone that needed any assistance.

here are a few pics from the rest of my book.....

my book is not quite done- i still have a few pages left to do something with....but, according to Jennifer, the book are never, ever quite done..... she told us that even in the books that may look done- she still grabs those, and finds herself adding something to a page. the books literally have to be taken out of her hands when sold to stop the process.

happy saturday! hope you are busy creating something!


  1. Fantastic book, like everything else you do, Kristin! Have a great weekend. xo

  2. Can't believe all that you got done in only 2 days. your altered book is beautiful. And I know what a good teacher Jennifer is, and the fun that you had! :)

  3. Your book looks great. Lots of work for 2 days. Lots of colour


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