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Saturday, March 7, 2015

cardboard book {collage and personal insight}

still slowly working through this little cardboard book i had purchased when the inspiration strikes. my challenge for this page was to only use scraps i could find around my work area.

as a collage/ mixed media artist i find it incredibly difficult to throw anything away.....let me be clear....i cannot hardly throw anything away. which is probably fine if you are an organized, neat artist. but, i am not.

nope. not neat in the least.

in fact, my studio is normally in a state of what i would call organized chaos. i tend to work and paint wet which means i normally have several projects "cooking" all at once. i will work on one thing and then have to set it aside and will grab something else. there are normally 2 or 3 art journals open, drying and in various stages of doneness.

sometimes though the project is not wet...sometimes i come to a point and i feel like i am not done with it, or i am not sure i like it, but, i do not know what to do next. i like to leave those around in unexpected places. sometimes it is easier to "see" what i don't like about it if i am not staring directly at it. i will come around a corner, and be like, "oh holy cow, i have no focal spot and this is a hot mess..." then, i can go back into the piece and fix what it needs.

do you have any tips or tricks? how do you work?

happy saturday!


  1. That sounds exactly like me! I think we must be twins!

  2. Me too! Everything you said. :)


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