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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

evolution {through destruction}

how can a 4" x 4" little canvas give me so much trouble?!....... i like to work small sometimes and had already painted this one which also included layers of collage. however, i grew tired of it and wanted to paint over it and make something else. i like being able to paint over other paintings. i like not starting on a blank canvas and the texture of the layers of paint and collage that may already be down- and then, sometimes peeling back through those layers to the original.

so i began the task of the re-do... only to discover that the layers of collage underneath all of this painting (including my new layer of paint) was soft because i paint so wet. "alright- no problem...let's take that collage off and see what i have"......20 minutes later with me picking and poking, pulling and peeling....and the evolution is this. i love the hot pink and yellow orange in the left upper corner.

i really like the colors and the three circles down here in the corner and the bit of collage that were left behind.

much happier now with this little guy! not sure i will do anything else....will let it "cook" for a bit to make sure that it doesn't need anything else.

happy tuesday!


  1. Beautiful. It is always those extra layers that makes art interesting.


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