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Thursday, February 19, 2015

round 2: favorites {29 faces}

posting a few more of my faces for 29 Faces this month. i must be in a blue mood, because i find myself grabbing that color in my hiflow acrylics. i love how much pigment they have. i like to put down a squirt in my general shape and hit it with a spritz of water and let it do its' thing. i followed up the face below with a new blue pencil. i thought it was a stabilo, but, it is not quite....but worked well for my purpose all the same.

i tried a face with an angle and i like parts of her below....but, her nose was a bit in my pic- i just clipped that off for you; but, i again really like her blue hair and her lips and chin. in the photo i used as a reference- the eyes were really dark- like black and you could not discern more detail in the eyes. not completely sure i did the shadows right to portrait that though for you.

i had blotted off left over ink from something else onto this page and decided to doodle at least part of a face on it. i like the eye and lips; and her earring. okay....i may be reaching just a bit on this one....

don't you just love Dina Wakley? i do! almost everything she does. i love her girl on her paint tubes and wanted to use her as inspiration. i love how my hair turned out. i was thinking my face could be a bit stronger, but, i don't normally gesso over any of the faces i have done, so i may have to try this one again- but, i do love this hair.

happy thursday to you!

P.S......i have something big "cooking" for saturday morning so be sure to stop back for the news!

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  1. Love all your pieces. Love the looseness of it. Have a great day.:)


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