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Saturday, February 14, 2015

29 faces {february 2015}

faces....i find i really like to people watch. to look at the faces and draw. this tends to happen when i am in meetings. i either draw the person speaking, or someone close by that is interesting- maybe it is the angle, or the lighting that makes this person interesting- but, whatever it is, i find myself doodling.

i have played along with the past 2 seasons of 29 faces and have stretched and grown with each time. i find that some days are easy and other finds me almost completely frustrated wondering why yesterday was easy and today is not......but, whatever the reasons, i have come to understand that you must simply push through this and know, that each day is NOT going to be your best. in fact, some days, you may even question what the heck you are doing; but, in the end, you need to turn the page in that art journal, and start another one.

here are a few of my faces thus far for the 29 faces, February 2015......

                                                          I love this doodled girl's hair :).....

happy Saturday to you!


  1. That´s true, one just have to push through, over and over again.

    I like the contrast with black lines and strong color spots you've used, it's effective.

    Greetings from Helsinki, Finland.

  2. wonderful to see your faces
    you have your own style which i like seeing

  3. love all your faces! Amazing how much we can do with very few lines. The one with the big red lips is awesome. i love the contrast between those black lines & red lips. Love the freedom i see in your drawings. xx

  4. I absolutely adore those first two faces with their scribbly lines!

  5. Your faces are great. Love them.


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