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Monday, February 2, 2015

#DLP {challenge #2- the beginning}

i am going to be honest here....i have had some technical difficulties as of late. apparently i downloaded something "really good" due to a quick click of the mouse... so i am hoping i am back online without any difficulties.....

so i am playing catch up on my blog and the Documented Life Project. the second challenge was gesso, and "the beginning is always today" Mary Shelley.

it really is always today.....go to the studio (or table in the dining room, spare room; where your creative tools are) start, play, create.

i let the inks run and blend with the damp gesso to help create this background; writing the quote to remind myself that today (or any day...) is always a good day for art... to begin... to create.... something. listen to those little whispers.... and do whatever may make you happy.

i loved the color runs on these pages, and these pages were really about the creating something. about whatever my little creative heart felt at that moment. which apparently was with paper scraps and washi tape and pencil doodles.

it is really a happy little eye-candy, colorloved, doodled joy.....are you documenting?.... begin today.


  1. Gorgeous pages. PS...loving your faces calendar. It is on my refrigerator and I see them every day. :)

  2. I always love your color choices. Very vibrant and alive!


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