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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

one little word- aspire.....

our one little word for january was aspire.......i had posted my sneak peak on sunday. and truly enjoyed my whole process. i had been inspired by beginning the process with scrapbook paper. i glued that into my art journal and found some book paper i liked as well. i used gesso to push the pattern in the paper back. i then picked some of my favorite colors of acrylic paint and used them to add some additional colors.

aspire: to long, aim or seek ambitiously

once i was happy with my background, i had found papers i liked- i started my hunt for the words in my favorite book i have been using for art. i will be so sad when this book is completely used has been magical. 
the other thing i knew i wanted was a bird. i found an image i liked and drew a bird and made my own stencil to use for this project.

i really like my end project. i hope you enjoy it....and you aspire to create something of your own.

if you decide you would like to play along this month- we would LOVE to see what you make of this word. come join our group and link up your project- if you do, you could be the lucky winner of a new stencil! Jessica Sporn is offering this stencil if you link up in january.....


  1. Love the composition that draws yo in deeper. xox

  2. There's something very magical about those luscious colors, and then the grey of your bird. And those circles drawing me into the word "aspire" - just love it...


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