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Sunday, January 19, 2014

documented life- challenge #3

i have been playing along with the documented life project and the third challenge was to create a page in our moleskin with papers that had come in the mail....envelopes, stamps, etc....

i loved the idea of making an pocket out of an envelope. i liked this one with the words- "important- do not discard"- well absolutely not! i cut the envelope down to fit into my moleskin and sewed the edges up. i loved the black and white fabric i had used on my Christmas fabric houses and had saved all the scraps; which found a home on my pocket. the circle is from another envelope that i liked the security pattern and punched into a circle and another security envelope paper along the bottom edge. add a little stamping and some color....poof! i liked the window in the pocket and had to make sure it showed my message- "an important message about...." ART.

i had found the adventure note in a vintage magazine and had been patiently waiting for the right project to add it to. yesterday, it found its' home and it was perfect!

here is my pocket in my moleskin journal with the rest of the page i had put together. i had used my gelli plate to print the top pink edging and a couple more mail paper with the US postal service brown edge and the upper white postage paper collected this past week. i like how the pocket does stick out from my book just a bit, like a tab. easy to find to add extra items to my pocket for safe keeping.

have you been playing along with the documented life? let me know so i can stop by and visit you!

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