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Sunday, January 26, 2014


somehow when a mom has things she would like to do- those somehow can easily be pushed aside.....

let's take today for example....i would love to do nothing more than to go to my studio space and work in my art journals, especially since i am feeling a bit behind; however, our daughter will be going to prom this today, we will be going prom dress shopping instead. 

you are going to say, "wow- it is still january. really? prom dress shopping?"

because that is what i said.....but, keep in mind, this girl is 16, a junior in high school, and is already in mild panic mode because other girls have found their prom dress and all the good dresses will be gone! gone!

did i mention that all the good dresses would be gone?, today the top priority is to go prom dress shopping. after all, i did get to play for a short bit yesterday....i will be helping with a valentine class this week, so we did a trial run.

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