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Thursday, January 30, 2014

documented life project {week 4} secret message

there is something about writing down your thoughts and seeing them on paper. this week's project was to document and then, paint over and just save a word.

i actually like doing this with my paintings- writing down and getting out whatever is rattling around in my head and then, painting over the words. 

maybe the words show through, but, usually, the words get softly lost in the layers of paint and then, only me, as the artist knows and understands the full meaning of the painting. when someone buys the painting because they love it enough to pay for it- the fact becomes, that each of us, the creator and the new owner love the painting in two different ways but equally.

i didn't exactly follow the rules on this project this time....i wanted to make sure that i could go back to this thought and documented piece. i wanted to see this note to myself again....

i wrote my thoughts on a separate piece of paper and glued that note in and just showed the edge....tempting you to see the paper go around the edge and possibly see if the note continues on the other side....

i used my gelli plate to print the background, stamped, used a popart card from Roben-Marie, and washi tape to dress up and attach my card.

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  1. Nice page, love secret notes to self. xox


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