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Thursday, August 29, 2013


i had been reading Kelly Rae Roberts' blog earlier this week, and thinking about her call for kindness warriors.... leading me to wondering what i can do in my little community. today while allowing my thoughts to wander, my eyes came across a cup of coffee and i noticed the message on the side of the cup....(thank you caribou!)

i promptly grabbed my own cup and drew around the word "possibilities" for emphasis, and added my own word of kindness...and poof...let this message be. 
only lately my thoughts of possibilities keeps me wondering what other possibilities are out can i lead a more artful, creative and kind life? can i be a kindness warrior?

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  1. This is beautiful... and a fabulous way to send your message out into the Universe... I have been thinking exactly along the same lines... a more artful, creative and kind life sounds perfect... I am sure our paths will be illuminated with ideas and possibilities....

    Happy Day...
    Jenny ♥


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