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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

excuse logic

i like to "use" a vacation to purchase more art stuff. observe the following:

1. exhibit A- vintage carry-all bag used for taking art supplies with on vacation

2. example B- inspirational magazines and creative items able to easily be pack into said vintage carry-all; please do note the variety that is able to be packed into said bag.....almost enough, but, not complete.
now, this is where the excuse comes in.....the defendant will claim that she needs to go to the craft stores while on vacation. different stores= slightly different stuff at said store and the defendant will claim that she is being limited in her creative abilities by only being able to bring the carry-all. so, just a quick sweep through the craft stores at the vacation spot- especially for small items that will still easily fit into vintage carry-all....which leads us to:

3. example C- small crafty, creative items purchased at said craft stores, which totally made the defendant's heart go pitter-pat. 2 new 6x6 stencils, 2 new ink color circles, and 2 rolls of washi tape.  all of which would easily fit into carry-all- and all that could be used in art journal packed on said vacation.
all of this leads to the final journal pages....


  1. Ahhh...I have the same problem! I must visit craft/art supply stores while out of town, just in case I find things there I cannot find at home. It's all a part of the adventure! Loved your vacation cache!

  2. A note on those new Studio G tiny ink pads -- they're using a different ink than the used to. The new stuff is oily and doesn't easily wash off your stamps -- in fact you've got to scrub the heck out of the stamps to get the ink off. Real dye or pigment ink washes right off. I threw away the new ones I got not long ago at forewarned!

  3. I can so relate- I found a stamp store on a trip to Scotland and they DID have some stuff that was new to me!

    I love those circle stamps you've used-now have to find them, because I really NEED more stuff!!


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