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Saturday, August 24, 2013

artist flea market and rummage sale

last night was the kick off of our flea market....and judging from the number of visitors and sales- it was a hit! my super best friend owns the gallery(HGS Gallery); she was the host and "imaginer" of the cool idea. as an artist of the gallery you could bring in art supplies that you did not want any longer and stuff you had made a while ago, but, maybe had not sold anywhere (and still liked). and, the other thing- you could also bring in vintage/ antique items.

so, last weekend when i was cleaning my studio space....that is what i was getting ready for. and the bonus?! when i took my stuff down, i got to snoop around!! so i could scope out what i wanted ahead of time. go ahead and say it....naughty, i know- but, check out my cool stuff i got-

 i made a trade for the salt and pepper shaker set above. i have been looking for a unique set for the dining room table. and this king and queen will fit the bill.
 then, there was a pottery artist who brought in incredible work! i picked up the pitcher and this footed bowl below. there was other incredible pottery that went out the door last night that i wished i would have snagged, but, i had to leave stuff for our shoppers!
 i also spied this round palette which i have been secretly coveting and wanting for a long time- so of course i grabbed that. so excited to fill this up with my absolute favorite watercolors!
 and....there is another artist whom i have admire for as long as i have known him. he is a print maker with incredible vision and detail and i managed to grab 3 of his prints. one i have never seen before- because during the process of making the prints and doing the etchings it destroyed the plate. so each of the 4 prints of the there were different- different tones and color and different details. i loved the roots of the bird on  this print.
to top off the night, i had a friend whom i have admired basically since i met her (so incredibly talented!!). she told me that she bought a gelli plate because of me and my blog! my gelli prints inspired her to purchase one!

night made!! thank you! every artist yearns to hear that they inspired someone else!

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