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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

one little word- design team

back in july there was a open call for the one little word design team and i decided to throw my hat in the ring....i had made my "crazy?! girl for submission.

this last week i found out i had made the team!! i was so excited i did a little mom dance in the living room, and each time i thought about it for the rest of that evening...i did a quick little "happy" clapping burst; smiling from ear to ear.

their word for august is want- which had lead me to doing my last post. i was supposed to hold this information though until after monday.....but, now, i can yell it from the front porch if i wanted to.... 

want to play along? leave me a comment so i can come and see what you made!


  1. Many congratulations!! It'll be interesting to see what you do on the design team.

    The August inspiration word - want - has got me thinking. What do I really want?! Your interpretation is great.

  2. Congratulations.
    So excited to see your art each month on the team!


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