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Sunday, February 10, 2013

chameleon girl

IMG_2789 by alteredstatesstudio
IMG_2789, a photo by alteredstatesstudio on Flickr.

i went and painted with my mom and her friend to chosen music- herbie hancock....a jazzy little number. i had gotten a good start that initial day and liked what i had when i left. i painted on it the other day and clearly it was going through its' "ugly phase" as this was bad, but, apparently salvageable because i like what i ended up with. i had put down a glaze over the entire painting and it was very wet and had flowed and puddled to certain portions of the canvas and when it dried- there a good start to what my eye saw as a girl. a jazzy, funky girl moving to the her wonderful shoes and awesome striped stockings!

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