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Friday, February 8, 2013

friday fill-ins

IMG_2736 by alteredstatesstudio
IMG_2736, a photo by alteredstatesstudio on Flickr.

and... here we go!
  1. in new england the snowstorm of historic proportions will be hitting this weekend.
  2. as long as it is "winter," i would not mind LOTS of snow- in fact, i am hoping for some this weekend.
  3. ahhhhhh, hot coffee!
  4. going to high school basketball games is my favorite thing to do nowadays.
  5. last night, i had a dream about the education for work i am putting together (i seriously need to get a life....).
  6. blogging is the perfect way to record life.
  7. and as for the weekend, tonight i'm looking forward to not having to fix supper, tomorrow my plans include lunch with a girlfriend, and sunday, i want to stay inside (the weather is sounded awfully snowy.)

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