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Sunday, January 8, 2012


i did manage to find time this weekend to work in my shop....a little cleaning (ok- a lot of cleaning....), some art, and time for a little DIY....

i bought 2 different sizes cupcake cups at my local store. i also bought a plastic light cover replacement that i found at the hardware store- like for a fluorescent light. the instruction stated to use an utility knife to cut, i scored the plastic and was able to cut with a pair of not very good scissors and it worked just fine.

 i used regular liquid elmer's glue to set the first cups i put into place.
the instructions simply stated to place additional cups into one another, but, i couldn't just stop i have way too much good stuff in my shop. so, i used a bingo card, a wooden token for a cup of coffee, and did some sewing onto my additional cups. the additional cups that i put in i used a glue stick. the glue does not show like the liquid glue may. i didn't really have any trouble with this as the instructions may have lead to believe.

here is the finished product i made-the cupcake holder idea that i had found on that was sooo cute! their's were squares, but, the rectangle fit my needs better. i also recycled a vintage buckle for my hangar.

let me know what you think! thanks!!

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