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Sunday, January 22, 2012

playful weekend

i couldn't take it anymore...had to at least try the crayon idea off of pinterest...not sure i exactly love my creation- i will have to play around with this a bit more.
 i am loving my bird. i made the armature and wanted to make it transparent so you could see the egg on the inside. i made the egg out of clay which i cooked for about an hour and then, i painted with acrylic paint. the pattern paper body was a little tricky to put on without tearing, but, overall, i am pretty happy. trying to decide if it needs wings? let me know what you think- wings, no wings.....
 this is a homemade journal i actually made last year that has been just hanging out waiting for some inspirational moment to come upon me, which apparently occurred today. i am loving the colors and what is  happening now, so i will let it cook for a bit and finish drying.
i was able to sneak some private time to work in my studio this weekend....hope you enjoy. i am not sure anything is finished yet- it is all still "cooking."


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