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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

journal page....

 found some pretty purple used papertowels and a scrap of another painting for the heart; a little napkin and parts of a doily and some lace; not to mention my vintage green stamps! some sewing, word, and poof!
 this page posted is looking a little plain jane....the right hand corner has a little screen piece that was rusted to just the right point and i secured to the page. the words say "coaxed to tell her life"

not quite finished with this one...but, liked my "x"
just a few more journal pages from me....happy tuesday to you- thanks for visiting!


  1. I like the journals you make beautiful they inspire me. I'll definitely look more often.

    1. Agitte- thanks so much for the nice comment and for visiting!! glad you like my journal pages!


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