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Friday, January 13, 2012

super gramma

picture band concert at 730. our youngest son comes down at 550 to inform me that he had broke 2 reeds that day and did not have a reed for the concert. have i mentioned that we live in a small rural town in the midwest? you can't buy a stick of gum after 6pm let alone find musical reeds....

gramma, drives over from town for what she thinks is a relaxing dinner and an evening of music. however, my spouse was out of town for the evening, our oldest son who drives, was at work until 9pm; our daughter would need a ride home after bball at about 615 and the youngest is supposed to be at school at 645 for his said concert.

so, this tech savvy gramma hopped on her phone, located a music store over in town; calls to discover....the store IS open until 8pm last night. she says to the store clerk- see you in 30 minutes. grabs her coat and keys, leaps over several small animals who like to hover around everyone's feet, and is able to drive safely yet speedily avoiding maroon and white trooper who like to pull people over for speeding, and return with said #2 alto sax reeds. two packages, so that a hasty last minute trip in any future may be avoided only to return to our house, wolf down her spaghetti dinner AND get to the concert on time. now that is the story of a super human hero gramma capable of anything for her grandkids!

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