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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

recap {last week; day one}

the last week of june i attended an art class: stamp carving and making papers. we had a fantastic time. great group of people and wonderful teacher, jennifer stone- full of tips and tricks and thorough explanations. you can see her schedule and other artists that she is bringing in.

the stamps below are her most-fabulous stamps....the one closest in the pic actually say, "steal....and you die."

it is soooo almost worth the that one. 

her's below are made from moo carve. this is nice to carve as it is relatively easy to carve into versus the huge erasers from the dollar store. the erasers work too, but, a bit more difficult to carve. 

and then there is fun-foam! have you made stamps with fun foam? this is quick and so easy!  you just need to have the sticky foam. super fun! 

i did circles....(happiness.....).

we used our stamps to stamp on papers to use in other things. such as my work below. this is early on but, you can see that i used my circle stamped paper in this one. 

i turned the piece- but, below is the final version of this work.

fun foam stamps.....

happy humpday!

xo. kristin

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