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Monday, September 5, 2016

ladies {a bonus lesson}

i had found something of a stride for teaching on day two. this was my morning shot before we started. (notice the most important thing on the desk- the large coffee cup.)

this was my lovely group of students who had taken my art journaling class. they just did a fantastic job! very attentive- really taking everything in.

making a "lady" below was our extra bonus lesson on sunday; and the ladies above dove right in.

this was the students at hard work sunday morning. 

and below are the fine "ladies" that we all  made- aren't they fabulous?! (i know, i know.....i may be a bit bias....)

and this was my lovely host- Jennifer Stone. she is extremely talented and a very gracious host.

thank you for all your hard work and making this class a reality!

happy monday.

xo- kristin


  1. So fun! Oh...i may have to TRY one of those ladies :)

  2. Very cool! Think I'll give that a try! Aloha!


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