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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

click bait {on canvas}

working my art journal technique onto canvas when i grabbed a used canvas that i was not happy with hanging out on a shelf in my studio.

i had painted it originally and apparently, tried to repaint this poor little canvas before being inspired to try this technique on canvas. third time may just be the charm!

i layered up a little collage paper and worked my paint. i had recently taught this class called- art journaling statements using fashion magazines for art journals; but, the technique seems to work well on canvas. 

i love the above corner for sure.....the mix of colors, peeled layers and the ink pen marks.

the yellow green sides are original to the canvas from the first painting- at this point not sure i wanted to repaint....still contemplating this.

this was the first of four paintings that day. started small on this 4" x 4" canvas and worked my way up to a 12" x 36".

are you on instagram? i made a few short videos for my instagram account if you want to see more.

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