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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


can you see the smoke from there?! 

i am already feeling slightly overwhelmed with the looming holidays. my head is already whirling and beginning to i received my "holiday bootcamp" email last week and since then, my head has started ramping up.....

the email told me i was already signed up- well thank goodness! i must have been non-overwhelmed and on the ball with signing up for the camp.... whenever that was.

but, the email has prompted this mild panic.
  • will i even sell anything?
  • should i make calendars....i like these, but, let's be honest here....i still have a small pile from this year. (maybe cut them up and use them for something art journal maybe?!) ok, to be mildly fair to myself....they had fallen out of my etsy store- haha....but, they are listed again at a cut n slash price. maybe you need a white elephant gift- buy this year's calendar!
  • similar to my calendar expedition- are my postcards. i picked some of my favorite journal pages- but, i must have had too much coffee and surfing when i purchased those as i look at the huge stack in my studio......this is my favorite one but there are six to choose from.
  • and i really, really like to sew something- like houses; but, then, i need to get going so i actually have some to sell. and i made the cutest weird sewn trees last year. i need to figure out how to ship those- cuz i am telling you....those were so darn cute but i didn't list 'em, cuz i wasn't sure how to ship....but, i am thinking a tube would work. i will do some checking.
  • loving my art sewing those.....and the pencil/ paintbrush bags.
  • i loved those christmas balls up above.....i think i will have those again.
  • should i list original work on canvas?
i feel like i am picking up a theme as i am writing, as i still have quite a few of the christmas balls left over. i think i panic and then overmake- driving myself a bit crazier. and then, have a pile left over.
ok- maybe i need to take some inventory here before i panic anymore.

i have had a few people ask about downloads or prints- but, i am on the fence on these. thoughts? do you like them? are you interested? let me know what your thoughts are.

xo. kristin

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