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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

art journal page {documented life project}

painting in my art journal last night trying to keep the Documented Life Project challenge in mind, which this week is stencils, stamps, and masks. sometimes that transition from current projects back to more playful work seems like a struggle. i have been doing a lot of my printing and studio princesses which are small, tight, and confined within the tea bag and paper; so to go back to painting on even a large piece of paper- is a transition.

i started with a journal page that already had something down on the paper and no gesso this time; but, this pic is fairly far into my play at this point. i had used stamps and a stencil.

i love the juiciness and color lust of this pic.

i had a bit of a hot mess and needed to tone this page overall. i had glued some papers down, but, ended up ripping those back off revealing the white and original page underneath.

ended up with a bit of a mess, but, felt good to just play....happy tuesday!


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