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Thursday, November 19, 2015

retail therapy

in the big town yesterday and after several necessary errands, i was able to make a fun stop for some retail therapy.....

i can hardly wait to do some alcohol inks, fibers, threads, and ribbon, acrylic paint, ink.

apparently i was having a bit of a turquoise attack....good thing i was at the craft store. picked up a couple of staple colors for my color palette.

and who can pass up a little metal "k" for their studio?!.....well, certainly not this girl when the letters are on sale. happy to add this little letter. oh, and the box behind the ornaments. i hope that my idea works as well as it does in my head..... you know how that goes right? you have this great idea and when you actually try it.....sometimes it works and other times, it is a failure.

be sure to stop back and i will keep you posted on the ornaments. all those inks and ribbons are for my ornament idea.....should be fun!

happy thursday!

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