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Monday, November 9, 2015

fall {holiday studio tour}

so for all of my preparedness for the holidays in september:

  • updated etsy store- new items, revamped descriptions
  • purchased super cute black n white polka dot tissue paper to wrap purchases
  • new business cards
  • black n white baker's twine to tie up wrapped items
  • contemplating new ideas
  • purchased frame sets for finished work

over the weekend (and i do know that it is november...) i just really realized that it is november. what the heck?! i could feel the seasonal panic begin to set in while i was contemplating all the work i need to get accomplished this week to prepare for holiday shopping; which includes this coming saturday.

what in the world is happening on saturday you ask? the holiday shopping season  kicks off with our local studio tour. i will be down at our local art gallery demonstrating/ working and being available to meet and greet shoppers and answer any questions.

and although, i feel like i have a good pile of new work,....that means i need to get it ready. and that part stinks....cutting, framing, wiring, varnishing..... the super boring stuff (but a necessity all the same).

hoping for a productive week to get all my stuff done......happy monday!

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