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Saturday, November 15, 2014

#raesstamps from PaperBag Studios

stacking up some great stamps..... these new stamps are from PaperBag Studios and were created by the lovely Rae Missigman. recognize the name?....she is one of the creative artists behind the Art to the 5th and the Documented Life Project.

each stamp has wonderful details and is super easy to use. i have made a few things using these stamps-let me show you some samples i created.

i love this card i made using the new stamps. for the feather encircled with paper and stitching. i actually stamped on tissue paper first and wanted to sew around the feather, so i backed it with notebook paper for support first. i tore out the middle of the notebook paper and attached to the card.

i made these mini's creating the backgrounds with acrylic paint and stencils before stamping on each with Rae's stamps. the bottom mini i used a stabillo pencil over the stamped image and spritzed with water to get the look that i achieved.

the possibilities with these stamps are endless..... interested in getting some of your own stamps? wondering where do i get these?! the stamps can be purchased starting today at noon by clicking here.

be sure to stop back to see what else i am creating.... and happy stamping to you!


  1. Love your pieces!!! I really like seeing all the stamps stacked, too...cute!

  2. Endless, I agree! Your mini's is adorable and yummy! :D

  3. Love these Kristin! The minis are my favorite and so cute! You are awesome!

  4. Great pieces, Kristin! I just love feather stamps and the addition of sewing is perfect. My kind of style!


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