Kristin Peterson: mixed media, collage, painter, artist

Monday, September 15, 2014

i love the sun light on my page, with the shadow of the string and the light, hi-lighting fear...demanding you to look at it.

just like fear can do....

it starts with a little fear....a little weed of doubt in the corner of my mind. and then, there is another little weed- backing up that fear, that first weed of doubt that was planted....

but, i am not going to feed the fear.

here is my full project for one little word for september which was fear.

i shared my fear yesterday with the sneak peek, but, what i need to do is to be strong, and keep focused on my art dream....and keep those darn weeds of doubt out.

because the light is so close on this dream...close enough to see and believe.

to my dream.


  1. Your creativity and art inspire and fascinates me. Beautiful.

  2. I just love your page with all it's wandering shapes and dark and light colors. There is so much movement here. Keep those weeds at bay and let the sun shine in!

  3. Love this page. Love the colours, love the circles, love the thoughts behind it. I hate it when I find myself spending more time keeping down the weeds than planting the seeds I want to see fruit from.


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