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Monday, September 1, 2014

charcoal love with a latte

my mom was able to come over for some studio time on saturday afternoon and told me she was bringing along some charcoal and lattes. i was thinking, "sweet! i love lattes!" little did i know that we were not going to drink the lattes.....we were going to paint with the lattes. and if you know us at all- we have done weirder things...

we decided to head outside for the painting portion of our play; and thank goodness, because we painted, splattered, and threw latte at our drawings (and it does get a bit sticky).

we started by drawing with charcoal on watercolor paper. my mom had various hardness of charcoal available to draw with. i had a couple of other options for us which included stabilo pencils.

my mom had a wonderful size watercolor pad that we shared for our first attempt. below was our first attempts.

we did discover that the harder the charcoal, the more it really "sat" on the paper and almost refused to move; so if you wanted some movement, you needed to incorporate some softer charcoal.

*our disclaimer...some of these drawings were better others :)....but, we did have a great time

happy labor day!

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