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Monday, June 9, 2014

wire & wax

do you sometimes have an overwhelming idea that must be created? i kept thinking of wax; and tissue paper, and wire.....

so yesterday i got to play in the studio for a bit and had to try this idea that was haunting me. i had tissue paper that had paint and ink on it. i cut my wire and made my circle carefully gluing my tissue paper onto the wire. i have colored encaustic wax and scraped it off onto my paper to add additional color with the red and lime green. then, i used regular bee's wax to add texture.

this was my second one. i used a finer wire to wrap around my initial wire to provide an unusual shape and hold the paper. i hand sewed around this one along the edge leaving my stitches loose. i really like the drips and runs of wax on this one- love how it caught on the thread and the softer colors.

i love the view of this one- you can see the bubbles of wax clinging to the edges and where they came to dry.

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  1. Oh these are just yummy! The photos are so gorgeous, especially the third one that shows the texture.


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