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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

mini books plus a video

i had gone to a work conference this past week and had an evening with nothing to, i ventured out to the smallest Walmart i have seen and bought supplies. i decided that i would try to truly limit myself and only spend the smallest amount possible (mainly because i have a fully supplied studio at home) but, get what i needed to make a mini book. i spent less than $6 to get my supplies.

i bought:

  • plain note cards 3"x5"
  • a little note book 3"x5"
  • small sewing kit with tiny scissors
  • watercolor palette
  • 2 pack glue sticks

here is my first mini book that i made that evening using only items i bought that night at Walmart to make this mini book- including the watercolor palette.

when i got home- it was so much fun making that one, that i thought i should make another one and try making video to go along with it explaining my supplies. check out my video here.

here is my second mini book i made.

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  1. I love your little journal book and when I clicked on the highlighted to watch your video it said it was private? any way I can get it to pull up for me. Just found your work this morning and love all you do!! thanks, Jane


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